DreamHack reveals new CS:GO championship winning rings for Dallas Masters

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  Meanwhile, the ring will have the famous split Counter-Terrorist and Terrorist merged emblems on one side, while the other side is fixed with the silhouette of a CT.

  The rings also have a “gamertag” placeholder, which will be custom-made with their owner’s in-game ID. Names like ‘NiKo,’ ‘Stewie2k,’ and ‘allu’ will easily fit in that template, but it’ll be interesting to see how they fit names like ‘olofmeister’ and ‘Gratisfaction’ should the need arise.

  Even before the rings were announced, players have been giving it their all as upsets and insane clutches have been littering the Group Stage in Dallas.

  NA fans will quickly have to bank their hopes on Team Liquid to keep the trophy on American soil, seeing how Cloud9 were eliminated by NRG who were taken out of the tournament shortly after by G2.